BYOC Phaser 90

This is a clone of the MXR Phase 90 "Script".

I purchase the PCB from the UK distributor of and the various components from Banzai Musical Products.

The box is a Hammond 1590N1 (121,1x66x39,3mm). It is slightly bigger then the classical 1590B (112x60x31mm).

In order to improve the response at the lower frequencies I changed two capacitors:

C input: from 0.01uF to 0.1uF
C output: from 0.05uF to 0.47uF

Detailed schematics can be found in the forums of

For the box I used:

- Plasti-kote Super Spray Paint Orange Gloss
- Lazertran Inkjet Waterslide Decal
- Ronseal Ultra Polyurethane Tough Clear Varnish