micro foot

Documentation and software are released under Creative Common License:

Micro-Foot (uF) is a MIDI foot controller designed to be entirely programmable.

Apart from obvious constraints related to hardware and computational power of the CPU, there are no restrictions to the functionalities that can be implemented. uF can receive and send any MIDI message the developer wishes to implement.

micro-foot allow the following functions:

- program change (7 programs x 3 banks)
- external expression pedal
- 3 midi channels
- stomp mode* (turn on/off sections of the Ad3)
- Notes (sends MIDI notes)
- Tuner* (turn on/off the Ad3 tuner)

Some functionalities are implemented to work only with the AdrenaLinn III multi-fx unit. They are identified with (*)

Prototype #1





The user manual is available in pfd format here.


The software for uF is available in compiled format (hex). Click here to download.

You can use avrdude to upload the software to the Arduino board.

I will probably decide to release the source code for non commecial use in the future. For the time being the software is available only in compiled form.

I decided to start the uF project after I saw the Midi Foot midi controller.
Thanks to Paul Sobczak for helping me in deciding which micro-controller use and for the time he spent answering my emails.

This project is based on the Arduino micro-controller.

Thanks to Roger Linn of Roger Linn Design for producing one of the best multi-fx units on the market and for his support.